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Bell Tower Light

Residential Developement

Bransiforte Commons, Santa Cruz

Bell Tower Light (3'H x 4'D)

Installed in the entrance tower of a 50-home residential project, Roy constructed a beautiful sea green bell out of hundreds of precisely cut pieces of tinted plexie-glass

A double band of engraved copper encircles the bell.

When illuminated in the evening, the Bell Tower Light cast's an ethereal blue-green light that is quite special.

B40 Cutout
Begonia Chandelier

Hotel entryway and reception area:

Best Western Hotel, Santa Cruz

Custom Begonia Chandelier (Apx. 65"W)

Begonia Lanterns (Double Stem Mount custom size)

In the reception area, visitors are treated to our truly gorgeous Begonia Chandelier with its delicate layered petal-shaped tiers.

The exterior of this hotel has been transformed into a lovely entrance with the glow of our lovely Begonia Lanterns.

Cloud Shade

Resturant and Lounge:

The Crow's Nest, Santa Cruz

Cloud Lights (Ceiling Pendant Mount, 36"D)

Disc Lights (Tri-Pole Mount, 36"D with special top cover)

Here is an installation of our Cloud Lights, creating a warm environment on the lower level of this large and lively oceanside resturant, a major destination point for both locals and visitors.

Disc Shade's

On the upper floor, our popular Disc Lights provide refined illumination through a spacious open beam floor plan. The special top covers create intimate and focused light, directing light downward and darkening the ceiling.