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Shadowbrook Lantern

In the grand reception and lounge area, our Forged Ring Tripods and Forged Pendants enhance the uniquely rustic environment with their hand-crafted look.

Resturant and Lounge: Interior and Exterior

The Shadowbrook, Santa Cruz

Shadowbrook Lantern

(Square Post Mount, custom cutout lettering)

Forged Pendants

Forged Ring Tripods

Tripod with Cone Shade and Folded Tri-Sconces

This large upscale resturant has many dining and lounge areas, and our lights have given each area and intimate and elegant feel.

Visitors are greeted at the entrance with the Shadowbrook Lantern, a lovely square copper lantern with ivy leaf-shape cutouts blending with the customized Shadowbrook logo.

Shadowbrook Forged Pendants
Shadowbrook Forged Rings

Each private dining nook is graced with our best selling Tripod shown with the Cone Shade, Enveloping the patrons in in a warm glow as they dine. These dining areas are enhanced with our modern looking Folded Tri-Sconces

Shadowbrook Table